Mobile Scheduling

Well my friends it is almost here...MSC Software.  The first and only online scheduling software for Mobile Practitioners.  Created by a massage therapist for massage therapists and other mobile businesses alike.  This software differs from the traditional online scheduling calendars in many ways.  Most importantly, your phone now becomes your tracker.


Wherever you and your phone are is your location.  This system recognizes your location and will take appointment requests based on location rather than room availability.  No more missing same day appointments or spending countless valuable time trying to schedule your therapists or guessing schedules.

The Software has a real time tracker and GPS capability built in.  You open and close your book accordingly to your schedule and leave windows of time available to book clients for yourself and or other therapists you have working with/for you.  And, yes, I did build in a safety feature for us as well.  Strangers will be allowed to book appointments without first speaking to you or your office.  Hence, eliminating the worry and concern for the not-so-wholesome client.  You will have the opportunity to screen your clients first as you always do before giving them access to an account.  

It is my goal to see ambitious hard working small mobile businesses and individual practitioners alike across America succeed in their endeavors and increase their coverage area with customer satisfaction through the use of MSC Software,

I invite you all to preview the website at and hope everyone enjoys a happy and healthy New Year!

Peace & Health,

Bridget Riley