What Do You Mean by "Mobile" Exactly?

Several times a month I receive calls from potential clients asking, "What do you mean by a Mobile Spa? or What is it exactly?"  Some assume that I come in an RV and the services take place outside in a Van, Truck or some sort of vehicle.  While there are some Mobile Spa Company's that provide spa services in a fully equipped vehicle generally Mobile Spa Company's including The Pampered Spirit bring the spa into your home, office, hotel suite or basically inside wherever your venue is being held.

There is this misconception out there among the public as to what is Mobile Business as it pertains to Mobile Spas.  Perhaps because when you Google Mobile Business you will find a slew of Wireless Phone Companies or Software Design for employees to work remotely from home and then there is the Mobile Home Dealerships as well as portable Mobile Spa's or Jacuzzi's as I like to refer to them as.


Is there another term that is best suited for the Mobile Spa business?  Traveling Day Spa brings about the same questions.  out call services is dated and denoted a different connotation that professional massage therapists do not care to be associated with.  In-home services are traditionally geared toward flooring, carpet and handyman services in my experience.

When I research similar Mobile businesses like the Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage & Spa, I find the term Mobile seems to be the general catch phrase business owners use to capture their audience.  So why all the confusion?  It could be that Mobile Spas are a fairly new concept over the past five years and gaining popularity and momentum daily.  Maybe there is another phrase that would help the general public besides Mobile?

In the context of this Mobile Spa, We Bring the Spa to You!  The Pampered Spirit staff is "on the road", driving from appointment to appointment.  Mobile meaning "on the go".  There are several other types of Mobile Businesses out there that fit the mold of a Mobile Business.  For example; dog groomers, courier services, auto detailers and even mobile notary services.

So the next time you hear the phrase Mobile Spa, remember, we are here to provide spa services you need in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your location.