Massaging the Masters of Metal

I was subcontracted to perform table and chair massages backstage at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ for the Masters of Metal Tour.  What a blast!  Besides the fact that I have never been backstage before at a concert yet alone meeting some old school Rockers.  The banks on tour are:  Testament, Heaven & Hell, Motorhead and Judas Priest.  I was right back in 1987 when these bands were popular for me and we wore black tee-shirts and big hair with tight pants and wigwams.  Good Times!  Good Times!


Back in 2008 with stardust flying around, it was just another day at work for most.  Backstage people were mellow, some looked soooo tired.  Their work is hard setting up the stage lighting, sound, ect.  Amazing the coordination and meeting of the minds of the production teams, Live Nation, Band Manager and Band Members.

One of the most important members of the team, in my opinion, I met The Tour Bus Driver.  18 hours straight from Minnesota to NJ to help set up for opening night this dude really needed a massage.  He was my longest client of the night topping off at 35 minutes for a table massage.

My partner in massage for the evening was Gina.  I love Gina, she knows what's up.  How to work a crowd and similar motivated attitude.  We figured since we were both here, why not double up on the massages.  So, when Billy from Motorhead got off stage he came for a massage.  He complained of neck pain from headbanging and low back pain.  This was one of the biggest dudes I had ever worked on.  Gina and I both went to town on the Monster of Metal.

Everyone was generous and polite and we did have some great background music to boot.  Tracey from Live Nation was out contact person and she was happy with the services we provided!  Yes!!! I hope to continue to massage at the show!